We talked to our expert Xenia from 性能 Lab’s load testing department about financial application testing. Xenia shared her experience of testing financial applications and transaction systems, along with some life hacks on how to choose the perfect timing for such performance tests.


给利记手机app写信. Most likely, we have already dealt with problems like yours in the previous 300 projects.


Providers of financial 利记手机 usually suggest that their customers should use both the web version and 移动应用程序 simultaneously. But in recent years the popularity of 移动应用程序s has been climbing, 他们最终肯定会成为第一名. 这就是为什么在负载下利记手机app系统如此重要的原因, 前端和后端都有. However, I’d like to focus on the back end of the financial system and its 性能利记手机app. The speed of the application itself on the front end is a separate issue.  

If a large number of users is working with your heavy loaded system via mobile client, 性能利记手机app是必须的. 计算出用户的数量是否很大, just ask yourselves if mobile client operations are in the top list of your requests.

To run performance tests, we usually use the most highly-intensive operations. These often constitute 20% of the overall number of operations, but 80% of the load. 如果这20%包括来自移动金融应用程序的请求, 考虑尽快运行性能利记手机app.


What is the difference between load testing and functional testing for financial applications?

这与利记手机app任何其他客户端是一样的. Functional tests aim at checking if the response to a user’s particular actions is correct. Load tests help determine if your servers will be able to stand a large number of user requests. 这就是为什么用户和请求的数量很重要.

And what is the difference between testing the browser version and the mobile app?

粗略地说,没有. The main idea of load testing is to capture the traffic of user requests to the financial application servers. 在浏览器版本中,您可以使用开发人员的工具,如.g.,谷歌Chrome. 

当你从一个 移动应用程序,它有点复杂. You have to deploy a proxy server on the computer and configure the phone for it. 例如,用嗅探器捕获重新路由的流量, 提琴手. 否则, 你可以在你的电脑上使用手机模拟器, 这样你就不用在智能手机上配置代理利记手机器了. 移动客户端利记手机app更为复杂, 但绝对是可行的, 虽然你应该计划更多的时间. 该过程的其余部分类似于利记手机app浏览器版本. We convert captured traffic into a load testing script and run the tests.




有两个时刻我想特别强调一下. Firstly, you may need a separate build of the app that would send requests to your test contour. 性能 testing is usually done in an environment that copies production as closely as it is possible. Mind that the testing process wouldn’t be effective if you use nothing but ReadOnly operations. 这也使来自真实系统的清洗利记手机app数据变得复杂. This problem is exactly why it’s better to run tests in the copy of the production environment rather than in itself. 

Another point is that applications using ssl-pinning may cause troubles. While recording traffic, you may get a message of a connection error. 然而,这是可以避免的.


为什么利记手机app移动金融应用程序很重要, 太, 而不是只利记手机app浏览器版本?

Because traffic from a mobile app can be very different from traffic from a browser. Hence, the load emulated during the tests will be different from real-life load. 它可以使所有的利记手机app结果无关紧要. 所有 性能利记手机app流程 可能变得毫无用处.

What questions does 性能利记手机app of financial applications answer?

The most important question is what maximum productivity of the back-end is, i.e.,有多少并发用户可以使用该系统. 您还可以预测系统的死亡日期:这相对容易. 假设系统的最大生产率是1,000个用户, 目前, 有500, 每个月都有100个新注册用户. So the death date is in 5 months: that is when the system won’t endure the load anymore. 

Load testing helps you understand what problems limit the system’s capacity at the present moment. 这个术语就是瓶颈. 在你摆脱了系统的瓶颈之后, it’s a good idea to retest it to make sure that everything works and that the death date was rescheduled to the distant future.



The primary reason for productivity limitations is servers’ computational power. There are many important questions to look for answers for: you need to know how much RAM you have, 有多少利记手机器啊, 有多少硬盘啊, 它们有多快. If it is in fact them limiting system productivity, you need to locate the resource where it happens. 不幸的是, 提高利记手机器的计算能力并不是一个通用的解决方案, 虽然它相对容易负担得起. 最昂贵的方法是购买更多的硬件. But in some cases, acquiring additional resources doesn’t help either.

其他问题是利记手机app金融应用程序所特有的. 首先,您需要定位最慢的事务. 你可能想用 交易利记手机app to ensure the complete integrity and success of business transactions taking place via online mode. 例如, 有很多并发用户, 授权可能很快, 而汇款可能需要时间, 反之亦然. 这将突出显示代码中有问题的位置. You will have to take a closer look at such places and reprofile them.

另一个问题是,在高负载下,哪些操作会产生错误. Let me give you an example: money transfers always work well, but cashback crushes under load. 

Sometimes the problem is not enough connections from your back-end server to the database server, or there may be problems with particular sql requests to a database server.

线程的数量可能也不够. 高负载的应用程序使用多个流. To increase productivity, requests are processed simultaneously instead of consequently. You will need to increase the number of parallel streams so that the server would be able to process information faster, 然后生产力水平就会上升, 太. 

通常,资源不会被释放或泄露. Increasing load utilizes a lot of hardware resources, for example, RAM. The system starts degrading, and another bottleneck can appear in a while. 

总结, 让我重复一遍:财务应用程序利记手机app是必须的, 虽然听起来很复杂, 事实上,这是完全可行的. 我已经试过很多次了,所以相信我.

如果利记手机app让你感兴趣,请继续阅读利记手机app的文章 “银行应用程序利记手机app:好处 & 用例”. 不要犹豫,请报价, if you need help with testing your application: our 400+ engineers have worked for 300+ projects. 最有可能的是,他们已经面临过与你相似的挑战!





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